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Ecdysterone Review

Beta ecdysterone review

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There have been many great breakthroughs in science as they continue their search for the magic health product that will get you to gain muscle while helping you lose fat at the same time. These include products like creatine, glutamine, protein which are standard issue in an athlete's arsenal.

Beyond the basics we have also witnessed the development of Prohormones, ZMA, and Isoflavones such as Methoxyisoflavone. Clearly, we've seen remarkable advances in anabolic supplementation in the past five years and now another breakthrough has been released. It is called Ecdysterone and beats all of these hands down as it comes from herbs and not a science laboratory.

It was first discovered in 1963 in insects and has since been extracted and compared very favorably with the herb or plant equivalent. But the results from extensive research and studies that have been done over the last 50 odd years prove that it can dramatically improve your results.

Without getting too complicated the main reason why it is able to dramatically increase your muscle gain and fat-loss is because of the dramatic increase in protein synthesis. It does this because of the positive nitrogen balance that it causes in the cells.

To put it simply the more nitrogen your body maintains and the greater rate of protein synthesis, the more quality mass you can put on. V. Smetanin who is a researcher of the Smolenk State Medical Institute in Russia speculates that ecdysterone decreases urea concentration in the body and increases hemoglobin levels by increasing a process called erythropoiesis.

Erythropoiesis is the development of mature red blood cells. This leads to a stimulation of the anabolic process in protein metabolism, which in turn leads to a positive nitrogen balance in the body. But there are other benefits that are the increase of stamina, endurance, and energy.

The obvious question is why and how does this happen and the only way to explain this is by mentioning the results of a well quoted study that was done in 1986 by B.Ya Smetanin. What he did was take 117 highly trained speed skaters between the ages of 18 and 28 were tested for work capacity, body weight, lung capacity and VO2 max.

All of the said parameters increased as well as an increase in the O2 pulse max and an increase in the exhalation of CO2. Basically what this means is that they received more oxygen to their cells. This equates to decreasing recovery time, maximizing performance, permitting optimal muscle anabolism and maximum fat reduction.

But it also means the athletes using ecdysterone compared to those on a placebo experienced increased stamina, endurance and energy. This might all sound too good to be true but the results speak for themselves and although there are many continued studies being done it is now widely available as a supplement.

Bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts will find the extra gains in lean muscle mass and reduction in body fat very beneficial. Ecdysterone looks to be not only incredibly effective as a performance enhancer on all facets, but also very safe.

Because it is not a required nutrient, there are no symptoms of deficiency. However, if you would like to experience more energy and strength gains in less time than you've probably ever experienced, grab some ecdysterone and protein and make sure that you always take protein with the supplement.

Although the recommended dosage is 5mg per kg of bodyweight a few studies have shown that athletes who took as much as double that got very good results. One can do this very safely because it has an incredibly low toxicity level.

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