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Ecdysterone Side Effects

Does ecdysterone have side effects?

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There is a long answer and a short answer to that question. The short answer is that Ecdysterone has shown no side effects. The long answer is about the many different studies that have been done all over the world. But before we discuss the extremely low levels of toxicity we need to first look at what Ecdysterone actually is.

Although Ecdysterone is a chemical found in insects, some animals that live in water, and some plants. The extraction that has now been successfully done is by using herbs or plants called Rhaponticum/Leuzeae and Cyanotis vaga, and are therefore a naturally occurring phytochemical.

Ecdysterone is known by other names and the technical name is 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone and other common names are: ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone, 20-hydroxyecdysone and ecdysterone. Interestingly, it was first discovered in insects acting as an invertebrate polyhydroxylated sterolic growth hormone.

Ecdysterone is a powerful compound and based on the research, it can definitely help you maximize your genetic potential. Best of all, its proven safe and effective for men, women, and even teenagers! In fact, ecdysterone may just be the next herbal extract to create a revolution in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding world.

Often called "bug juice" there are many articles online that will tell you that it is the only reason that insects like ants and spiders have the weight to power ratio that they have. If it was possible for us to transfer that weight to power we would easily be able to pick up a car.

This new product that is now available in a tablet and capsule form as a supplement is something that will revolutionize the health industry. The reason why is that it produces phenomenal results without any side effects and have even been compared with powerful steroids like Dianabol.

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