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Building Muscle and Strength with Kettlebells

by Pete Arroyo

Much has been written lately about the exploits and superiority of kettlebell training. This standard tool of old time strongmen has come to rehash itself as the fitness wave of the future. The kettlebell’s rustic appearance and reputation as the staple implement for both Russian military and Siberian prison yards has given a nostalgic “hardcore” kick in the pants to today’s softened fitness industry which has been riddled with elastic tubing, Bosu balls, and clown pants. (Well the clown pants were part of an early 90’s flashback that includes the proverbial mullet and Oakley sunglasses; but you get my drift.) In this author’s opinion they is no replacement for the barbell, but kettlebells offer an excellent alternative for GPP work during an athlete’s de-loading periods or an interesting change for John and Jane Fitness looking to “change it up” and “keep the body guessing.”

The following are two routines target the often neglected shoulders and posterior chain of the lower body. These drills can be executed in standard fashion, in a giant set, or in complex fashion.

Boulder Shoulder’s

1) Seated 2-arm snatch 10 reps
2) Seated 2 arm clean 10 reps
3) Seated 2-arm front raise 10 reps
4) Seated 2-arm press 10 reps
5) Seated 2-arm snatch to press 10 reps
6) Seated 2-arm clean to press 10 reps
7) Seated 2-arm bottoms up press 10 reps

Dead Man Limping

1) Depth Squat: (feet on blocks or plates with space in middle) 10 reps slow down slow up
2) Narrow stance front squat 10 reps
3) RDL-Bent row-Good morning combo: do an RDL on way down-stop and bent row bells to chest-hold bells there and perform a good morning. 10 reps if you dare!
4) Outside the legs swing 10 reps
5) Inside the legs swing 10 reps

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