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Use This Little Known Piece Of Free Software To Stay Motivated

Sometime's just finding the motivation to make it throug one workout can make a huge difference. It can really make you or break you. When it comes to motivation, I'll take every advantage I can get!

I'm sitting here writing this after just completing a 2 mile run in 39 degree weather. This is the first time I've done any running since the beginning of winter. Normally, this would be hard for me to complete due to the fact that I have asthma and the cold, dry, winter air really does a number on my lungs. A year ago... I probably would not have made it the whole 2 miles without giving up and walking at least part of the way. This time though, I made it the full 2 miles non-stop. But I had a little help....

Was it the racquetball that kept my lungs in shape over the winter that helped me to complete the run? Maybe a little... but more importantly, it was my mind that didn't give out this time. Generally, when we give up on accomplishing any goal in life... whether it's a long term goal like sticking to a workout program for a year or a short term goal such as completing a 2 mile run in the cold... our minds give out way before our abilities. The little insecure voice in our head says those two words that can crush your rush... "I can't", and we give in and take the easy way out.

So what is it that helped me dig down deep inside and pull out the motivation needed to dominate that run?? A little known piece of free software that I downloaded earlier today for the specific reason of motivating me to complete my goals. And to my surprise, it not only worked to motivate me for my initial goal, it also helped to motivate me to complete my run. I'm still motivated by it to complete the task of writing this article now!

It's called Karen's Countdown Timer 2 and you can get a free copy at

It's a free program that sits on your computer screen and counts down to a specified date and time that you set. I initially set the timer to count down to a goal I want to complete in 50 days, 2 hours, 46 minutes, and 2 seconds.... er, 1 seconds... uh well, you get the idea.

What I found during my run, is that not only is the thought and mental image of that clock counting down motivating me for my long term goal, it also motivated me when I got to the hard part of the run. About halfway though the run, my lungs were burning, my shin muscles were tightening up, and I just wanted to start walking more than anything else. Then I thought about the clock ticking down. It became sort of a metaphor for the "clock of life". You see... I realized that no matter how many times I stopped moving toward my goal (completing the run) and "took a break"... that clock was going to keep ticking.... and so was the time I have in my life. My life isn't just going to pause because the "going gets tough". The time's going to keep ticking away. So I could either keep pushing and make the most of my time here... or I could quit and miss out on accomplishing my goal right then and there. Even if I went back, say tomorrow night, and completed the run... I still would miss out on completing my goal that time because once those seconds tick away... they're GONE! No getting 'em back.

That mental image of those ticking seconds was enough to make me dig down and pull out the effort needed to complete my run. I've still got the ticking clock in front of me and it's motivating me to complete my long term goal I initially downloaded it for as well... So download a copy and give it a try. Hopefully, it can motivate you too.

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