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Fitness Travel Tips

By Jeremy Likness of

Vacation and business travel are common excuses for stopping a healthy nutrition plan to indulge in fast food and vending machine snacks. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road, if you are truly committed. Here are some nutrition travel tips to help you stay on plan!

  • Most hotels will place a small refrigerator in your room for a nominal fee. Be sure to call ahead and check on this, and request one if available.
  • Take plenty of fruits – they don’t even require refrigeration
  • Take all-natural apple sauce packs and whole grain granola bars or nutrition bars, these are other healthy carbohydrate choices
  • Try to eat out at “sit-down” restaurants – they are more than likely to accommodate your special requests for “chicken breast” and “dressing on the side”
  • Purchase a shaker cup for mixing shakes, then bring packets of protein shake powder
  • Do not think that you have to eat only one way. If your hotel has a continental breakfast, mix a shake then head to the breakfast area and consume some fruit. If it has a hot bar, order some scrambled eggs for protein and bring your own fruit for a carbohydrate
  • When in doubt, ask. If you are ordering a mixed green salad, confirm what “mixed greens” means and what dressing comes with it!
  • Above all, plan! Have your splurge meals on the tough days and eat healthy whenever else. If you have to settle for something not on your “healthy list”, remember that you can still control the size of the portions!
  • When eating out, trim your portion sizes up front. We are raised with the “clean your plate” mentality. Even if we know we are supposed to eat half of the chicken breast set in front of us, we end up eating the whole thing! Instead, cut it in half and stick the other half on another plate or push it to the side. Do the same with all of your food, and then just focus on what you chose to eat, not what the restaurant chose for you! (Split desserts with others at the table and order to-go boxes up front)

When you find yourself on the road, stay on plan and reap the benefits of living healthy!

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