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Push Up Exercises

By Charles E Johnson

Push ups are an effective way to gain muscle and lose body fat. They help get your chest stronger in ways that bench pressing cannot. They make your fast twitch muscles react faster (for boxers, this means faster hand speed), and they work basically every muscle in your upper body (including your abs and core muscles).

Regular push ups:

Make sure your feet are together and your arms are shoulder width apart.

1. Push your body up, and make sure your entire body is rigid (like a straight line).

2. Push your body up until your arm are fully extended.

3. When coming down, make sure not to just drop your arms. Slowly lower yourself until your nose is, at most, one inch above the ground (some people even touch their nose to the ground).

Extended push ups:

1. Get 3 platforms (can be anything, i.e.: 3 dumbbells, 3 crates, ect…). Just make sure they are the same height.

2. Put the 3 platforms where your hands and feet would go, and simply do pushups while you are elevated off the ground.

*The most important part, go down all the way to the ground so that your nose is at least one inch off the ground. This will work everything even more than regular pushups will.

Clap push ups:

1. Do a regular pushup, but in the middle of pushing yourself up , clap your hands together.

*Be careful you don’t fall and break your nose; you have to be quick to do these.

Stabilization push ups:

1. You need a medicine ball (any size will do – the smaller the better). Get in a regular pushup position, with one hand on top of the medicine ball. Now, do a pushup with the one hand still on the medicine ball. When you come up, switch hands so that your opposite hand is on the medicine ball. Keep repeating this pattern, and see how many you can do.

Finger tip push ups:

Simply do a regular pushup, only do them so that you are holding yourself up with the tips of your fingers.

Source: – Free muscle building, running, and boxing workouts.  Also, check out the workout forum

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